Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vocab Paragraph 3: I know someone who will soon be under attack...

I know someone who is about to be under attack. His name is John Crichton, AN ASTRONAUT! He has a penchant for Aeryn, a prudish, bad ass, geek's wet dream type. Little does he know that she is about to perform an enormity on their friendship.
Aeryn is about to prove herself a master of chicanery. She has already washed her hands and applied saliva to her finger, AN INDEX FINGER! Her hand is behind her back and she is now engaging in equivocate conversation with her target. "Crichton, you aren't terribly ugly and stupid, and I may not hate you." A bat of the eyelashes and John Crichton is entirely unsuspecting.
Aeryn clicked her super serious leather boots as she walked with confidence and leisure behind the dull man and swiftly made her attack. She really swirled it around in there. John Crichton's eyes popped wide open as he quickly lost his equanimity.
"What the hell are you doing you ding dong? Hello!! That's my freaking EAR!" He cried in outrage of Aeryn's officious act.
"Oh, you'll live you big baby. Pilot needs to speak with you. He asked me to alert you," she paused to chuckle. "I assume you are free to come?"
"Huh? Yeah, sure. Let's get it over with." John started walking through Moya's corridors to see what pilot needed. He was nearly there when D'Argo tackled him to the ground, knocking him out, and began yelling Luxan epithets at his unconscious victim. Chiana and Aeryn soon joined D'Argo in the corridor.
"This is for every arrogant and idiotic thing you have ever said in my presence," said D'Argo.
The erudite Zhaan walked in on the scene as Chiana and Aeryn were tying Crichton up. "Oh Good! I was suffering from ennui in my meditating room. Finally! Something to do!" said Zhaan in her usual regal tone.
Crichton began to regain consciousness and episodic irrelevant colloquial human phrases began to stumble off his lips.
"Quick! Destroy him! I can hear no more of it!" shouted D'Argo.
Aeryn responded with her warrior instincts and smashed his skull in with her right booted foot.
"Oh thank the goddess!" ejaculated Zhaan as they all exhaled a long awaited sigh of relief.

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