Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And I was lyke dAAAaaayum! Boi you got it goin on!

Rory McIlmoil is a man of passion ;-) loaded with a shit ton of brains. Like real quality brains that get you thinking and quantifying to come up with creative ways to argue against the gross control that coal companies have over the real dirt poor areas of Appalachia. This guy, man, a real hell of a guy if you ask me, has stood up to the coal industry and called them out on their hegemony that gets people so sore. Like their impact on the state budget of west virginia, they say they give the state all kinds of money in tax revenue, but really they are prevaricating like hell! Those companies really pull the wool over the eyeballs of those states. And Rory, being that real hell of a guy that he is, has really countered this will some real swell research into the truth, like that truth that is actually the truth, unlike that other kind that isn't.

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